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Quality Assurance Agency for the University System in Castilla y León

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ACSUCYL fosters and promotes the development of projects for improving quality outside the region of Castilla y León, encouraging innovation and cooperating in international activities in the field of evaluation, accreditation and certification, in line with European Higher Education Area standards.

In addition to the projects in which ACSUCYL participates within the working groups at  ENQA and ECA ,  the Agency is involved in the following international projects:

  •   JUMELAGE EU-MARROC . Support for higher education in Morocco within the framework of its approach to the European Higher Education Area. Twinning project funded by the European Union, in which ACSUCYL coordinates the line “Policy and setting up the system of European credits for bachelor's degrees, master's degrees, and doctoral degrees”.
  •    AR-NET . Automatic recognition in the ENIC-NARIC network of agencies, with the horizon 2020. ACSUCYL is involved in this project as a representative of ECA.
  •    DEQAR . Developing a database of external quality assurance reports in institutions and programmes, within the framework of EQAR.