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Quality Assurance Agency for the University System in Castilla y León

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Verification of curricula

Presentation of the programme

Article 35 of Download of type document PDFOpen a new window Organic Law 2/2023, of March 22, of the University System  regulates official university degrees that are valid throughout the whole country, and establishes that for universities to be able to teach official university courses that lead to these degrees, they must obtain:

  • From the autonomous community: authorisation for their introduction.
  • From the University Council: verification of the consistency of the curricula with the guidelines and conditions established by the government for official degrees.

After authorisation for the implementation and verification of the curriculum, the government establishes the official nature of the degree and gives instructions for its inclusion in the University Register of Centres and Degrees (RUCT), the effect of which is to confer accreditation on the degree.

The study plan verification procedure is specified in the  Download of type document PDFOpen a new windowReal Decreto 822/2021 (466 kbytes)  of September 28, which establishes the organization of university education and the quality assurance procedure.

For the purpose of dealing with applications for verification of curricula submitted by universities, the University Council requires a mandatory and binding report from the autonomous region’s external assessment body which, for this effect, must be a member of the  European Quality Assurance Register for Higher Education, (EQAR)  after said assessment body has successfully undergone an external review in accordance with the Download of type document PDFOpen a new window European Standards and Guidelines for Quality Assurance of Higher Education, (ESG) , in the European Higher Education Area, as ACSUCYL has done.

The assessment protocols required for verification, in accordance with the above-mentioned standards and guidelines (ESG), are established jointly by the Download of type document PDFOpen a new windowRed Española de Agencias de Calidad Universitaria (REACU) (534 kbytes) :

Process and criteria

Evaluation of proposals for Successive Academic Programs in the field of Engineering and Architecture (PARS-IA)

Assessment body

ACSUCYL conducts assessment of the report proposals for curricula through the Degree Assessment Commission , which is responsible amongst other tasks for: 

  • Planning and coordinating the assessment process.
  • Designing, approving and publishing the assessment criteria and methods.
  • Adopting joint final assessment decisions.

For the development of its functions, the Commission seeks the advice of experts integrated in Download of type document PDFOpen a new windowComités de evaluación (412 kbytes) , organized in fields or branches of knowledge.

The work undertaken by the members of the committee and the experts in the committees is subject to the Agency's Download of type document PDFOpen a new windowCódigo Ético (556 kbytes) .


The assessment reports for verification of universities’ official degrees in Castilla y León listed in the University Register of Centres and Degrees (RUCT) are published in Acsucyl´s search engine for official degrees