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ACSUCYL in the face of the COVID-19 situation

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Date of publication:

20 de marzo de 2020




Additional provision three of Royal Decree 463/2020, of 14 March, declaring a state of emergency to deal with the health crisis caused by COVID-19 (BOE of 14 March), amended by Royal Decree 465/2020, of 17 March (BOE 18 of March), establishes the suspension of administrative deadlines and the interruption of deadlines for processing public sector procedures.


ACSUCYL has continued its usual work on the various assessment processes using the electronic means and assessment platforms described in its protocols and set out under legislation, although the deadlines for interested parties to submit grievances or appeals were suspended.

The suspension of administrative deadlines will continue while the state of emergency, together with any possible extensions thereof, remains in force. Calculation of deadlines will resume when the Royal Decree, or any extensions thereof, is no longer in force.

The means through which ACSUCYL’s various programmes may be consulted, together with its suggestions box on the main page of its website, will remain operative during the state of emergency.