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Cooperation with CREUP

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Date of publication:

10 de enero de 2020




In its position as coordinating agency of the Spanish Network of University Quality Agencies (REACU), ACSUCYL met with the Coordinator for Representatives of Students at Public Universities (CREUP) in order to agree on lines of cooperation in matters of common interest vis-à-vis improving the higher education system.


The meeting took place on 9 January in Madrid and dealt with the decisions taken that emerged from CREUP’s last general assembly, particularly with regard to amending the rules governing official university courses. Prominent amongst the areas of common interest to students and agencies were institutional accreditation of university centres and the evaluation of student-centred learning. Also dealt with were the possible joint cooperation processes for training students as experts in quality assurance systems.

These topics will be addressed at the next REACU meeting, where work will be done on specifying lines of cooperation with the CREUP.

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