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ACSUCYL'S Advisory Board issues a report on the map of degrees

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Date of publication:

22 de noviembre de 2018




ACSUCYL'S Advisory Board is a consultative body charged with observing how the Agency works, offering advice on its activity plans, putting forward recommendations for its improvement, and issuing reports on matters that fall within the scope of ACSUCYL'S powers at the request of other Agency bodies. The Director has commissioned a report from the Advisory Board on the situation of the map of official degrees in the higher education system in Castilla y Leon, its current status and future perspectives.


The Advisory Board is made up of members of the academic or scientific community who have an important teaching and research career, together with experts in higher education systems and quality systems, and representatives from the business world who evidence a notable professional career.

Throughout 2018, the Board has been working on drawing up a report on the map of degrees, based on the agreements signed in 2016 by the Regional Ministry of Education and university chancellors in Castilla y León. The report aims to provide an overview of how the map has progressed based on these agreements, and to offer some guidelines as to future action.

After having gathered and analysed data from official university sources, the Advisory Board is drawing up its report, the draft version of which was reviewed at the meeting held on 22 November 2018, before proceeding to the final drafting and submission to the Academic Committee of the Castilla y Leon University Council.

The meeting also dealt with the proposal for ACSUCYL'S 2019 Annual Action Plan, as well as the appointment of members of those Agency assessment committees in which posts had become vacant through resignation.

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