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Quality Assurance Agency for the University System in Castilla y León

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Certification of assessment models for the teaching activities of university teaching staff (DOCENTIA programme in conjunction with ANECA)

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 Presentation of the programme

Organic Law 6/2001, of 21 December governing universities, assigns to university quality assurance agencies the task of certifying the activities and programmes that may be carried out by universities to foster quality in teaching and research. 

Pursuant to this competence, the National Agency for Quality Assessment and Accreditation (ANECA), in conjunction with regional university quality assurance agencies, such as ACSUCYL, has implemented the DOCENTIA programme to certify models for assessing teaching staff’s teaching activities, designed and introduced by universities in order to enhance the quality of teaching by successfully completing three successive stages:

  • Stage I. Designing the assessment model (university) and verification (ACSUCYL).

  • Stage II. Implementation of the verified model (university) and follow-up (ACSUCYL).

  • Stage III. Adapting the model to the Agency's requirements (university) and certification (ACSUCYL)

Universities in Castilla y León may participate voluntarily in this programme. To do this, they should submit to ACSUCYL the corresponding application for participation, based on which a participation agreement will be established. Once stages I and II have successfully been completed, based on a follow-up report to said effect, the university may submit the corresponding application for certification to ACSUCYL, subsequent to which a certification contract will be established. The DOCENTIA programme certificate is valid for five years, after which the university may have it renewed, after once again undergoing the certification procedure (Stage III).

Process and criteria

Assessment body

ACSUCYL is a member of the DOCENTIA committee, set up by Spanish university quality assurance agencies under the coordination of ANECA, which is responsible amongst other tasks for:  

  • Planning and coordinating the assessment process.

  • Designing, approving and publishing the assessment criteria and methods.

In addition, ACSUCYL and ANECA jointly designate a DOCENTIA programme assessment committee, which is responsible for taking joint final assessment decisions in all the stages of the programme.

The work undertaken by the members of this committee is subject to the Agency's Code of Ethics.