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Quality Assurance Agency for the University System in Castilla y León

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Guarantees Committee

The Guarantees Committee acts in the event of appeals filed against the decisions issued by ACSUCYL'S bodies, from the perspective of ensuring int1ernational standards of quality in universities, jointly undertaking the tasks of analysis and drafting reports in the following situations:

  • Appeals for reversal or for an extraordinary review process contesting the assessment committees’ final decisions.

  • Reviewing assessment reports when requested to do so by the public and private bodies for whom the Agency has issued the report.

  • Complaints received at the Agency.

  • Appeals filed against the Director’s actions and decisions.

  • Appeals filed against agreements and decisions taken by the Agency's governing bodies (Director and Board of Directors).

  • Action, appeals and complaints undertaken by the Board of Directors in defence of the rights and interests of the Agency.

The regulations governing the committee’s functioning as well as the profiles and technical requirements of its members are set out in its Download of type document PDFOpen a new windowreglamento de funcionamiento interno. (301 kbytes)  

The committee is made up of three renowned academic, scientific and professional experts, familiar with the Agency's goals and functions.

Current composition: