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Quality Assurance Agency for the University System in Castilla y León

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Cooperation with ACSUCYL

When carrying out their assessment processes, the assessment committees at the Quality Assurance Agency for the University System in Castilla y Leon (ACSUCYL) engage the help and advice of external experts, who are scientists and scholars from universities or research centres located outside Castilla y León, and who evidence a proven track record in teaching or research, are specialists in the area of knowledge subject to evaluation and who have experience in quality assessment processes.

Experts may work individually or together as part of a committee, set up in areas of knowledge or specialities depending on the specificities of the assessment process to be conducted. Moreover, when the subject of the evaluation so advises, efforts are made to engage the participation of renowned non-academic experts from the area being evaluated, as well as students who are experienced in quality assessment processes in higher education.

All of the experts who cooperate with the Agency in the assessment processes must agree to act in accordance with ACSUCYL'S Download of type document PDFOpen a new windowQuality Policy (91 kbytes) , to comply with the Agency's Download of type document PDFOpen a new windowCódigo Ético (556 kbytes) and to maintain both the confidentiality of the data contained in the documents used and the outcomes of the assessment.

Those interested in working as experts with ACSUCYL, or those who have already been doing so and who wish to update their details, may do so by submitting their application through the

Access to the register of experts

After having examined the applications and, where applicable, having included the applicants in the register of experts, ACSUCYL will contact with those interested to seek their cooperation in one of its action programmes. Should there be any incompatibility, the Agency may not allow applicants to cooperate in a specific process, although this does not mean their name will be removed from the Agency's list of experts.